1. Of all the friends I’ve ever met. Your the one I won’t forget. And if I die before you do, I’ll go to heaven and wait for you.

2. When the night comes, look at the sky. If you see a falling star, don’t wonder why, just make a wish. Trust me, it will come true, because I did it and I found you.

3. Words however special… could never even start, to tell you all the love I have for you within my heart.

4. I feel something in my heart, it’s like a little flame, every time I see you, this flame lights up, this flame is special for you, because I LOVE YOU!

5. Love under the stars… they seem very far, but you are so close the star I love the most.

6.Somewhere, some1 dreams of your smile & finds your presence in life so worthwhile. So when your lonely, remember its true that some1, somewhere, is thinking of u.

7. There’s a warmth in my heart. It haunts me when you’re gone. Mend me to your side and never let go. The more I live The more I know, what’s simple is true, I love U.

8. Falling in love is when she falls asleep in your arms and wakes up in your dreams !

9. My love, words however special … could never even start, to tell you all the love I have for you within my heart!!!

10. The day that I’ll die, when death replaces birth, I’ll recognize angels’ faces, because I live with one on earth.

11. Loving you could take my life, but when I look into your eyes, I know you’re worth that sacrifice!

12. Heaven is the place where I would be, the day you would stop loving me!

13. I miss you … I need you … More and more …. each day … I love you … more than words … can ever say.

14. If a big fat man creeps into your bedroom one night and stuffs you into a bag, Then do not worry ’cause I told Santa I wanted you for Christmas!

15. The hardest thing in life is watching someone you love , loving someone else.

16. Love is hard and will always be, but remember somebody loves you and that one is ME !

17. Don’t love 1, don’t love 2, but love the 1 who loves you.

18. The words are easy when the language is LOVE !

19. There is somebody in the world. Different from the rest. The sweetest person I know. That is why I love you so.

20.You showed me how it is to be loved. Now i know what really love is. 1 day we will be together forever. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again.

21. I love three things: the sun, the moon and you, the sun for the day, the moon for the night and you forever.

22. I love the ‘y’
I love the ‘u’
I love the ‘o’
put them together
and I love ‘you’

23. For the world you are somebody, but for somebody, you are the world! Lots of love, Somebody.

24. The first time we kissed, I closed my eyes, He closed his eyes, and then….… WE MISSED!

25. Sometimes words are hard to find, to form that perfect line to let you know you’re always on my mind!

26. Where ever you’re going, I’m going your way !

27. Ferrari’s are red, Lambo’s are blue… but I am as happy in a bettle with you.

28. For there is a certain someone who makes the grey sky blue, I’m glad to say that one is you.

29. I don’t wanna feel the way that I do, I just wanna be right here with you, I don’t wanna see, see us apart, I just wanna say straight that you are my heart.

30. If you’re the desert, I’d be the sea. If you hunger then hunger for me. Everything you ask I’ll be. It’s all good as long it’s you I see.

31. You can fall from a bridge, you can fall from above, but the best way of falling, is falling in love!

32. If I could rearrange the alphabet, Id put U and I together.

33. Kiss me and you will see stars; Love me and I will give them to you.

34. The moment I first saw you, you warmed my heart, the second time you made little flames and now you make my heart burn !

35. God in heaven… God above, plz protect the 1 i luv sent with a smile and sealed with a kiss… i luv the 1 who’s readin this…

36. There are not many stars in the sky today. But there is one star shining bright . . . . . and it reminds me of you, the sweetest person i ever met.

37. 4give my eyes 4 admiring u. u stole my heart the moment I saw u call me crazy, call me insane each time my heart beats it mentions ur name.

38. Seeking luv is a mission… finding luv is a complexed ambition… so y not go with the asian tradition, and let the parentz make the decision…

39. Last night I asked my angel to watch over you…but he came back soon.I asked:"Why?"He smiled and said:"An angel doesn’t watch over another angel…."

40. ();;;;Many People Will Walk In & Out Of Ur Life, But Only True Friends Will Leave Foot Prints In Your Heart…..U Left Ur’s In Mine !

41. The message Iove got 4 U is in the universe l language and cant B send by SMS but must B given 2 U personally by me. Cos only U would understand my personal message.

42. if a kiss was a rain drop is send you showers if a hug was a second id send you hours if a smile was water id send you a sea if you ever get lonly id send you me.

43. Everytime I hear my message tone I always hope that the message comes from U. My SIM card may have limited memory but my heart has umlimited space for you.

44. .Love is like a bird, if you hold it tightly it dies, if you hold it slightly it flies, better take good care of it

45. Why am I so lonley if you are always in my dreams

46. I am a COP, your under arrest for being you its illegal to be as cute and b’ful as you are, your sentence is a lifetime imprisonment in my heart.

47. There are many things in this world that i CAN leave without… but the one thing i CAN’T leave with out is…YOU!

48. I wrote your name in the sand…but it got washed away,i wrote your name in the sky…but it got blown away,i wirte your name in my heart….n thats where it will stay.

49. Every moment we share together is even better than the moment before. If everyday was as good as today was, then i can’t wait until tomorrow comes.

50. If I die tonight, I’d go with no regret. If it’s in your arms, I know that I was blessed. And if your eyes r the last thing I see, I know I’ll die with a smile.

51. As we grow old together, as we continue to change with age, there is one thing that will never change….i will always keep falling in love with you.

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